Are Juicer Prices Worth It?

juice-cleanseThere is a lot of talk about juicing. A lot of the talk is in favor of juicing such as the people at Juicer Fanatics. At the same time, there are people that say that juicing is bad for you. The truth is that there are plenty of benefits that can come with juicing. Juicing should be included in your daily balanced diet.

Juicing Regularly

While juicing all by itself will likely bring more harm than benefits, juicing combined with healthy dieting is very healthy. Among the benefits that natural fruit juices bring are:
• Nutrients like fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates
• Increased energy
• Improved complexion
• Good for Flushing Toxins
If you juice regularly with the right fruits, you will help rid your body of bad toxins and prevent build up. Health professionals recommend you to drink 16 oz of juice freshly squeezed from fruit every day. While there are certain nutrients that come with eating fruits in their natural state, juicing frees other nutrients. Some nutrients are trapped in fibers which the body will expose of. At the same time, fiber is good for your body’s metabolism. Juicing is not to be confused with bottled juices or juice drinks.


Bottled Juices

Even the best bottled juices do not have all of the nutrients that you can get from juicing. The juices that come in cartons which list a lot of various nutrients are still missing something. There are some nutritious benefits that get lost between the factory and the store aisle. While you get more nutrients with bottled juices than other types of drinks, you’re not getting the full benefits. You are still getting some benefits from bottled juices. You are still less likely to come down with certain illnesses. You are still limited in the advantages that you are getting.

Juice Drinks

Juice drinks are a lot like soda without the carbonation. They provide little more than sweet tastes and a lot of carbohydrates. You are not very healthy when you drink juice drinks. Many of them have a small percentage of juice. The rest of the content consists of artificial ingredients. They also lack any real nutrients. There are some drinks that are vitamin C fortified. Unfortunately, even those drinks will not take you very far in regards to health. Juicing is much better than buying juice drinks. As a matter of fact, juice drinks should be mostly avoided.


Juicing is very healthy to add to your diet on a daily basis. Instead of buying expensive bottled juices that provide you fewer benefits, juicing your own fruits is better. You can go to the produce and buy your favorite fruits. Then you can either squeeze them, or put them into a juicer and extract the juice that way. You can still mix the juices together in order to get the interesting flavors you love. Some fruits are juicy enough for you to taste the benefits of juicing while eating. You are never too old to start juicing and experiencing all of the advantages that come with it. Certain methods are cheaper than buying bottled.